Published March 6, 2024

Revolutionizing Cooling: The Future’s Ideal CPU Cooler Prototype – Silent, Dependable, and Efficient

Delve into the realm of CPU cooling innovation with the Wieland cooler prototype, designed to revolutionize liquid cooling using a distinctive 'thermosyphon principle.
Revolutionizing Cooling: The Future's Ideal CPU Cooler Prototype – Silent, Dependable, and Efficient

Wieland Takes the Lead: A Cool Contender Down the Line, Fingers Crossed

For those who’ve contemplated the idea of installing an AIO (all-in-one) liquid cooler but hesitated, a groundbreaking invention might just be the catalyst to explore this liquid cooling realm.

The prototype in question is the Wieland cooler, designed to revolutionize CPU cooling with a unique ‘thermosyphon principle,’ eliminating the need for a traditional pump. As a promising alternative to conventional AIO systems, the Wieland cooler boasts reduced noise levels and potential benefits, while undergoing a comprehensive test run by renowned overclocker Der8auer.

Testing the Waters with Wieland:

Der8auer’s evaluation of the Wieland cooler involved a head-to-head comparison with a traditional 240mm AIO liquid cooler from Corsair, a benchmark in the industry. While the Wieland demonstrated efficient cooling and a quieter operation, it fell slightly behind the Corsair AIO in terms of effectiveness. The Ryzen 9 7950X in the test PC ran approximately 8 degrees warmer with the Wieland cooler during gaming tests, and a minor performance dip was noted in Cinebench R23 stress testing.

Room for Improvement:

Despite the initial temperature differences, the Wieland cooler shows promise as a potential game-changer in CPU cooling technology. Der8auer emphasized the early prototype status of the Wieland and suggested various improvements, such as refining the build, experimenting with different materials, and optimizing radiator size. With estimated improvements of 4-5 degrees, the Wieland could become a competitive option against traditional AIO systems, offering a quieter, cost-effective, and durable cooling solution.

Addressing Concerns and Future Prospects:

While the Wieland cooler remains a prototype, its unconventional design raises questions about potential failure scenarios, particularly concerning leaks. Der8auer proposes that if the Wieland adopts a vapor-based cooling approach, any leaks would be less catastrophic than traditional AIO systems using liquid. The concept of a pump-less AIO system isn’t entirely new, but previous attempts haven’t materialized into market products. Wieland’s endeavor to refine its prototype could lead to a revolutionary best CPU cooler or may end up as vaporware—only time will tell.


In the evolving landscape of CPU cooling, the Wieland cooler prototype stands as a beacon of innovation, challenging the norms of AIO liquid cooling systems. While it navigates through early development hurdles, the potential for a quieter, cost-effective, and durable alternative to traditional AIO coolers is on the horizon. Whether the Wieland becomes the next CPU cooling sensation or remains an ambitious prototype, its journey opens exciting possibilities for the future of liquid cooling technology.

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