Published March 2, 2024

Unveiling the Ultimate: Best Verizon Unlimited Plans and Prices for 2024

Embark on a digital odyssey with our comprehensive breakdown of the finest Verizon unlimited plans and prices for 2024.
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If you find yourself navigating the vast landscape of mobile phone service providers, Verizon is likely a top contender. As one of the largest carriers in the US, Verizon boasts an array of unlimited data plans tailored to diverse needs. However, with the complexity of multiple plans and the dynamic Verizon 5G network, understanding what each plan offers becomes essential. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of Verizon’s unlimited plans, breaking down costs, perks, and viable alternatives to help you make an informed decision.

Verizon’s Post-Paid Unlimited Plans:

Verizon’s post-paid unlimited data plans take center stage, offering a plethora of perks, substantial mobile hotspot allowances, and top-tier data speeds.

Verizon Unlimited Welcome:

  • Starting at $25/mo per line
  • Ideal for budget-conscious users
  • ‘Standard’ 5G network coverage
  • Restrictions on phone deals and discounts
  • 1-line: $60/mo | 2-line: $100/mo | 3-line: $105/mo | 4-line: $100/mo

Verizon Unlimited Plus:

  • Starting at $30/mo per line
  • Well-balanced perks at a reasonable price
  • 30GB mobile hotspot data
  • Savings on flagship devices and accessory lines
  • 1-line: $65/mo | 2-line: $110/mo | 3-line: $120/mo | 4-line: $120/mo

Verizon Unlimited Ultimate:

  • Starting at $40/mo per line
  • Premium offering with 60GB mobile hotspot
  • 10GB unthrottled international data
  • Substantial savings on device upgrades and accessories
  • 1-line: $75/mo | 2-line: $130/mo | 3-line: $150/mo | 4-line: $160/mo

Additional perks for postpaid unlimited plans

  • Disney+ Premium, Hulu, ESPN+ bundle
  • 100 GB mobile hotspot
  • Apple One bundle (Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, iCloud)
  • Walmart+ membership
  • Apple Music Family
  • Smartwatch data & safety (discount on a line)
  • +play monthly credit
  • 3 TravelPass days
  • 2 TB cloud storage

Prepaid and Alternative Options:

For those open to prepaid plans, Verizon offers the Unlimited Prepaid plan at $60/mo with autopay, providing unlimited calls, texts, and data. However, if you seek more cost-effective alternatives, consider exploring Visible Wireless, a subsidiary carrier of Verizon offering prepaid plans starting from $25 per month. Visible Wireless eliminates contracts, providing flexibility and value for budget-conscious users.

Determining the Need for Unlimited:

As unlimited data plans become the norm, the question arises: do you really need a Verizon unlimited plan? Delve into your data usage patterns, considering factors like video streaming habits. Verizon also offers a 15GB prepaid plan for $35 a month, catering to users who don’t extensively consume video content on the go. Evaluate your monthly data usage to determine if an unlimited plan is the optimal choice.

Exploring Other Verizon Plans:

While unlimited plans take the spotlight, Verizon offers various postpaid and prepaid plans with shared data allotments and diverse features. Explore the full spectrum of Verizon Wireless plans to find the perfect fit for your communication needs.

Unlimited, but with Limits:

Are Verizon’s unlimited plans genuinely unlimited? While the data itself is unlimited, certain limits come into play. Understand the nuances of mobile hotspot data limits, streaming video quality restrictions, and prioritization of data speeds after exceeding a specified usage threshold. Dive into the exceptions for 5G network users, enjoying unrestricted bandwidth for general data, streaming, and mobile hotspot usage.


Navigating Verizon’s expansive array of unlimited plans demands careful consideration of your usage patterns and preferences. Whether you opt for the budget-friendly Unlimited Welcome, the balanced Unlimited Plus, or the premium Unlimited Ultimate, this guide equips you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. Explore the possibilities, weigh the alternatives, and embark on a seamless mobile experience with Verizon in 2024.

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