Published February 17, 2024

Wyze Users Struggle: Quotes on Service Outage and Camera Disconnection

"After a recent service interruption, Wyze cameras experienced an extended period of offline status. Fortunately, the service is gradually being restored, and users can anticipate a return to normalcy."
Wyze Users Struggle: Quotes on Service Outage and Camera Disconnection

Wyze Labs, a leading smart home brand, recently faced a significant service outage, causing widespread disruption for its users.

Many customers reported issues with their security cameras, including connectivity problems, app malfunctions, and even instances of receiving feeds from cameras in different locations. The outage began in the early hours of the morning, with reports peaking later in the morning before gradually subsiding.

The company has been actively addressing the situation, with representatives providing regular updates on the official forums. While some users have reported that the smartphone app and cameras are now functioning, certain models, such as Wyze light bulbs, are still experiencing issues, including being stuck on loading screens. Concerns have also been raised about potential loss of important Event Recordings, with some users experiencing fluctuations in the availability of their recorded events.

Wyze Labs has attributed the outage to a problem with its partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allegedly impacted device connections and login processes. However, AWS’s official health dashboard did not report any issues during the relevant period.

This is not the first time Wyze users have encountered service problems, as previous incidents have included unauthorized access to webcam feeds and security vulnerabilities. The company has been approached for further information regarding potential data loss and security concerns.

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