Published March 6, 2024

Unpacking the Allegations: Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over iCloud Monopoly

Dive into the legal arena as Apple faces a class-action lawsuit in Gamboa v. Apple Inc, filed in early March 2024. The lawsuit alleges that Apple's iCloud practices, monopolizing critical backup files and inflating service prices, warrant scrutiny.
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In a legal twist that could potentially reshape the landscape of cloud storage, Apple finds itself at the center of a class-action lawsuit filed in early March 2024. The lawsuit, titled Gamboa v. Apple Inc, alleges that the tech giant has monopolized certain critical files essential for cloud backups, restricting users to its iCloud platform while simultaneously inflating service prices to seemingly excessive levels. As the legal battle unfolds, questions about the fairness and transparency of Apple’s practices come to the forefront.

The Class-Action Lawsuit:

The filing, submitted to the US District Court of the Northern District of California, seeks to establish a nationwide class of users impacted by Apple’s alleged monopoly. Additionally, a specific class of Californians claims to have been overcharged for their iCloud plans. The lawsuit’s core contention revolves around Apple’s control over crucial backup files and the subsequent pricing model, which the plaintiffs argue is generating substantial profits for the company.

Monopoly and Market Dominance:

Bloomberg highlights that iCloud’s dominance gives Apple an imposing 70% share of the cloud storage market. This significant market control stems from the widespread use of Apple’s mobile devices, prompting concerns about the fairness of locking users into a single service with steadily increasing pricing.

iCloud’s Competitors:

Despite iCloud’s undeniable popularity, competitors such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft offer alternative cloud storage services compatible with iOS devices for user data storage. The lawsuit, however, posits that Apple’s insistence on using iCloud for device backups creates inconvenience for users maintaining accounts across multiple services, potentially missing out on more affordable options with more generous free storage allowances.

Apple’s Response:

As of now, Apple has not officially responded to the filing. The tech giant faces the challenge of defending its position in light of the lawsuit’s claims. The lawsuit questions whether Apple can convincingly argue that backup data specific to its devices is sensitive enough to warrant exclusive storage on iCloud.

Historical Precedent:

The lawsuit draws attention to a historical context, referencing the 2022 class-action lawsuit, Williams v. Apple Inc, where Apple settled for $14.8 million. This settlement allowed Apple to deny breaching its own terms and conditions by storing user data on servers belonging to its competitors. The past legal tussle sets the stage for heightened scrutiny of Apple’s actions in the current lawsuit.


The Gamboa v. Apple Inc lawsuit sheds light on the intricate dynamics of the tech giant’s control over cloud backups and pricing models. As legal proceedings unfold, the outcome may influence how companies approach cloud storage practices, emphasizing the need for transparency and fairness. Whether Apple can justify its alleged monopolistic practices remains to be seen, but the lawsuit undoubtedly raises important questions about the intersection of market dominance, user convenience, and pricing strategies in the ever-evolving tech industry.

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