Published March 5, 2024

Apple Dominates 5K+ Display Market with 90% Share, Potentially Selling Hundreds of Thousands of Studio Display and Pro Display XDR Annually.

The findings suggest robust sales for Apple's Studio Display and Pro Display XDR, possibly reaching the impressive milestone of hundreds of thousands of units sold annually. Delve into the details of Apple's dominance and its impact on the high-end display market.
Apple Dominates 5K+ Display Market with 90% Share, Potentially Selling Hundreds of Thousands of Studio Display and Pro Display XDR Annually.
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In the turbulent landscape of the monitor industry, a recent analysis by TrendForce has unveiled a challenging scenario for most manufacturers, casting shadows of uncertainty. However, amidst the gloom, one notable exception emerges as a shining beacon of success – Apple. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this narrative and explore the dynamics shaping the monitor market.

Global Monitor Shipments: A Dismal Decline

TrendForce’s findings paint a somber picture for monitor manufacturers worldwide, revealing a substantial 7.3% decline in global monitor shipments during 2023, culminating in an estimated 125 million units. This downturn is primarily attributed to the ongoing global economic crisis, pulling shipments below pre-pandemic levels and presenting a formidable challenge for the industry.

A Glimpse of Hope: Projections for 2024

Despite the prevailing challenges, TrendForce offers a glimmer of hope, projecting a potential 2% increase in global monitor shipments in 2024. This optimistic outlook hinges on expectations of a gradual economic recovery and the typical 4 to 5-year PC replacement cycle. The report foresees PCs purchased during the pandemic era undergoing upgrades between the second half of 2024 and 2025, stimulating a resurgence in monitor shipments to an approximate 128 million units.

Apple’s Resilience in the 5K Display Segment

As the overall monitor market grapples with adversity, Apple emerges as a standout success, particularly in the coveted 5K display segment. The top three commercial monitor brands – Dell, HP, and Lenovo – face significant setbacks, witnessing over 20% year-over-year declines. Dell experiences a drop of 20.4%, HP sees a decline of 20.7%, and Lenovo bears the brunt with a substantial 21.4% decrease in shipments.

In contrast, not all manufacturers share the same fate. AOC/Philips capitalizes on robust demand in China’s gaming market, boasting an impressive 8.8% increase in shipments. Similarly, Acer strategically upgrades its 60/75Hz products to 100Hz with minimal price differences, resulting in a notable 6.7% boost in shipments.

The Rise of High-End Products and Gaming Monitors

A noteworthy shift unfolds in the market dynamics, marked by a transition from Full HD (FHD) to Quad HD (QHD) in high-end products, especially gaming monitors. TrendForce underscores this trend, noting that the market share of QHD gaming monitors surged to 34% last year, with expectations of a continued rise.

Despite some brands introducing 27-inch 5K products, shipment volumes remain modest due to their premium pricing. However, Apple emerges as the undisputed leader in this niche market segment with its top-tier offerings – the Studio Display and Pro Display XDR.

Apple’s Dominance: Monthly Shipment Insights

TrendForce estimates the monthly shipment of 5K products at around 20-30k units, with over 90% attributed to Apple through its Studio Display and Pro Display XDR. This dominance underscores Apple’s strategic positioning and resilience in the high-end segment, even as the broader monitor market faces challenges and opportunities.

Conclusion: Navigating Challenges with Strategic Resilience

As the monitor market navigates through challenges and opportunities, Apple’s triumph in the high-end segment stands as a testament to its resilience and strategic foresight. While uncertainties persist, the industry awaits the unfolding dynamics in 2024, hoping for brighter days ahead, driven by economic recovery and the evolution of consumer preferences.

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