Published March 8, 2024

Google’s Unified Subscription: Access Drive, Fitbit, and Nest with a Single Condition.

Explore Google's latest offering – a unified subscription model encompassing Drive, Fitbit, and Nest services, unlocking convenience with just one condition for seamless access.
Google's Unified Subscription: Access Drive, Fitbit, and Nest with a Single Condition.
Credit: Google

Google One UK Subscribers Gain Nest Aware and Fitbit Premium Access

Google One cloud storage plans just became even more enticing for users in the UK, as Nest Aware and Fitbit Premium join the suite of perks, offering enhanced Nest camera video recording and advanced fitness insights. The unexpected twist – this added value is exclusive to UK subscribers for now, leaving the global Google One community eagerly anticipating potential expansions.

Nest Aware, a boon for Nest camera owners, adds extended event history and smart alerts. Plans in the UK start at £8 per month, with a premium Nest Aware Plus option available at £12 monthly. While this move enhances Google One’s offerings, the UK-only approach raises eyebrows, lacking an official announcement and omitting details on the Google One pricing page.

Fitbit Premium, the second addition to Google One plans, provides an in-depth analysis of health metrics, including advanced sleep tracking and daily readiness scores. With a standalone cost of $9.99 / £7.99 / AU$15.49 per month, it’s a valuable inclusion for fitness enthusiasts. The selective UK rollout, however, prompts speculation on the global availability and the rationale behind this strategic move.

Despite the perks not reaching all UK subscribers simultaneously, Google One’s evolution into a multifaceted subscription service is evident. Offering more than just cloud storage, Google One competes robustly with the likes of Apple One.

The recent introduction of the Google One AI Premium plan and the strategic integration of Nest Aware and Fitbit Premium underscore Google’s commitment to delivering an evolving, feature-rich experience to its subscribers. As the global rollout remains uncertain, UK users are poised to explore a digital landscape where storage meets seamless integration of smart home and fitness solutions.

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