Published February 28, 2024

Unveiling the Deception: Facebook Users Suspended by Hackers

"Many users have expressed concerns about the problem, however, Meta and Oculus have not taken action yet."
Unveiling the Deception: Facebook Users Suspended by Hackers

In recent months, a concerning trend has emerged within the Facebook community, as thousands of users have fallen victim to a deceptive hacking scheme. Reports indicate that hackers have been exploiting a sneaky Oculus backdoor to compromise accounts, resulting in wrongful suspensions for the affected individuals.

The hackers have been utilizing the Oculus platform to create Meta accounts, which are then linked to their victims’ Facebook accounts. By doing so, they are able to bypass two-factor authentication measures, effectively gaining full access to the compromised accounts. This illicit access has allowed the hackers to exploit the accounts as they see fit, often leading to sudden suspensions without any opportunity for appeal.

The issue first came to light in October 2022, and despite its persistence, neither Meta nor Oculus have taken official action to address the matter. Frustrated by the lack of response, affected users have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness and seek a resolution to the ongoing security breach.

Members of the r/facebook Reddit community have reported that thousands of Facebook users have been wrongfully suspended due to unauthorized access detected by Facebook and Instagram. Upon further investigation, many users have discovered a consistent IP address within their Facebook data, indicating that the perpetrators, whether individuals or a group, are located in Vietnam.

Given the hackers’ ability to circumvent standard security measures, affected users have been left vulnerable to exploitation, prompting a flood of complaints on the Meta support forums. In response, frustrated users have called upon the media, data protection agencies, and government officials to intervene and compel Meta and Oculus to address the security vulnerabilities.

Content creator Dan Astin-Gregory, speaking on behalf of those impacted, issued a call to action, urging Facebook and Meta to acknowledge the critical security breach and take immediate steps to safeguard their users. The affected individuals are seeking reassurance that their accounts will be protected from further unauthorized access and exploitation.

As the outcry from affected users grows, the spotlight is now on Meta and Oculus to prioritize the security and well-being of their user base. The urgency of the situation demands swift and decisive action to rectify the vulnerabilities exploited by hackers and restore the trust of the impacted community.

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