Published February 10, 2024

Generative AI-empowered smart glasses offer an innovative way to educate individuals about the world

Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge as smart glasses, powered by generative AI, become your personalized educators, offering unique insights and information on the go.
Generative AI-empowered smart glasses offer an innovative way to educate individuals about the world
Credit: Brilliant Labs

Exploring the Future of Learning with Frame Smart Glasses by Brilliant Labs

Credit: Brilliant Labs

In a groundbreaking move, Brilliant Labs has unveiled its Frame smart glasses, integrating generative AI for an immersive educational experience. Resembling Where’s Waldo glasses, the Frame features a digital assistant named Noa, powered by multiple AI models, offering users a unique way to learn about their surroundings.

Noa’s Multifaceted Capabilities

Noa, the multimodal digital assistant within the Frame, employs OpenAI technology to conduct visual analyses on objects, providing real-time information on the AR lens. With capabilities like language translation via Whisper AI and internet searches through Perplexity AI, Noa can even offer price checks on products, making it a versatile tool for daily life.

Evolution of Noa: A Personalized Learning Companion

Credit: Brilliant Labs

VentureBeat reports that Noa, always active, adopts a unique personality over time. Users initially answer questions, leading to the hatching of an avatar whose traits mirror their own. Constantly learning from interactions, Noa evolves to improve task handling. A micro-OLED projects on a geometric prism in the lens, reminiscent of Google Glass, providing a fascinating insight into the Frame’s technology.

Design and Battery Life

The Frame’s design includes a camera on the nose bridge and batteries in hubs at the stems. Brilliant Labs assures a full day’s use, and recharging involves a high-tech Groucho Marx impersonation with the Mister Power dongle.

Availability and Pricing

Currently open for pre-order at $350 per pair, the Frame comes in Smokey Black, Cool Gray, and transparent H20. Prescription lenses are available at $448, with free shipping, and the first batch is set to release on April 15. Notably, Brilliant Labs plans to introduce a subscription service to lift AI feature usage caps, offering users expanded access to the Frame’s capabilities.

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