Published February 24, 2024

Exploring Samsung’s Galaxy AI: A Comprehensive Guide

"Samsung has introduced Try Galaxy to Android, enabling users to experience the AI features of the Galaxy S24 line firsthand."
Exploring Samsung's Galaxy AI: A Comprehensive Guide
Credit: Samsung

Samsung has been actively promoting the AI features of its latest Galaxy S24, and now the tech giant is offering a way for potential customers to experience these features firsthand. The release of the Try Galaxy app on Android provides an opportunity for users to explore the AI capabilities of the Galaxy S24 through an interactive tutorial.

Previously exclusive to iOS, the Try Galaxy app was aimed at convincing iPhone users to switch to Samsung. The Android version of the app operates similarly and is accessible to users with the latest version of Google Chrome, regardless of their device’s specifications.

Exploring Samsung's Galaxy AI: A Comprehensive Guide
Credit: Samsung

To install the Try Galaxy app, users need to visit the app’s official website and scan the provided QR code. Once installed, the app simulates the experience of owning a Galaxy S24, allowing users to interact with features such as Live Translate and Chat Assist.

The app showcases five AI features, including Circle to Search, a collaboration with Google that provides quick access to search results by circling an object on the screen. Live Translate offers real-time language translation on phone calls, supporting 13 different languages. Note Assist summarizes and formats text written on the Samsung Notes app, while Chat Assist can rewrite text messages in a casual or professional tone. Photo Assist helps enhance pictures by removing unwanted objects or reflections and adjusting the composition of images.

In addition to the AI features, the app also provides insights into the Galaxy S24’s capabilities, such as Nightography, which demonstrates the phone’s ability to capture bright photographs in low-light environments.

While the Try Galaxy app offers a glimpse into the AI magic of the Galaxy S24, users interested in fully experiencing the AI features on their own content will need to purchase a Galaxy S24.

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