Published February 6, 2024

Enhancements and Improvements: DJI’s Latest Bug Fixes for Avata and Mavic 3 Drones

Dive into this article to learn more about the enhancements and improvements that DJI has implemented, ensuring a smoother and more reliable flight experience for drone enthusiasts worldwide.
Enhancements and Improvements: DJI's Latest Bug Fixes for Avata and Mavic 3 Drones


DJI, the industry leader in drone technology, has recently released surprise updates for its popular Avata FPV drone and the high-end Mavic 3 aircraft. These updates come with promises to address known issues and enhance the performance of these drones, adding even more value to their already impressive capabilities. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of these updates, what they mean for drone enthusiasts, and how to ensure a smooth transition when implementing them.

DJI Avata Firmware Update

DJI Avata Firmware Update
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Unveiling the Avata FPV Drone:

The Avata FPV drone has taken the market by storm, particularly during holiday sales when it was offered at an incredible 30% discount. Its combination of intuitive controls and advanced technology has made FPV flying accessible to novice pilots while still providing the tools for more professional and creative aerial maneuvers.

The Latest Avata Firmware:

DJI has elevated the Avata FPV drone’s firmware version to 01.05.0000 and the RC Motion 2 controller firmware to v01.07.0000. If you’re using DJI FPV Remote Controller 2 or DJI Motion Controller, make sure to update them to v02.00.0900 and v02.00.0700, respectively. The video headset also receives updates: DJI Goggles 2 to v01.09.0000, Goggles Integra to v01.05.0000, and FPV Goggles V2 to v01.07.0000. To ensure compatibility, update your DJI Fly app to version 1.12.4.

Essential Considerations:

After completing the firmware update, it’s crucial to restart the aircraft, remote control device, and goggles. Be aware that the update may reset various flight parameters such as the RTH (Return to Home) altitude and the maximum flight distance. Therefore, before updating, take note of your preferred settings and be ready to readjust them after the update.

DJI Mavic 3 Firmware Update

DJI Mavic 3
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Exploring the Mavic 3’s Features:

The Mavic 3 boasts remarkable features, including a superb 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, and an impressive 46 minutes of flight time. To maintain its unparalleled flight performance and content creation experience, DJI has released a firmware update for this exceptional drone.

The Latest Mavic 3 Firmware:

With this update, the Mavic 3’s aircraft firmware can be upgraded to v01.00.1300, while the RC-N1 remote controller can be bumped up to v04.13.1100. For users of the DJI RC remote controller, an update to v01.03.1000 is available. DJI RC Pro remote controller users can update their firmware to v03.02.0700. Additionally, make sure to update your DJI Fly app to v1.12.4 for a seamless experience.

Camera Settings Reminder:

Keep in mind that the firmware update may reset your camera settings, so double-check them in DJI Fly. If you encounter any issues during the update, a simple restart of the aircraft, remote controller, and DJI Fly or DJI Assistant 2 should help resolve them.


In conclusion, the DJI Avata review showcases the company’s commitment to excellence in the drone industry. Alongside their Mavic 3 series, DJI consistently raises the bar, ensuring users receive unparalleled flying experiences.

These drones aren’t just about flashy features; they’re about reliability, innovation, and pushing boundaries. With continuous bug fixes, enhancements, and new features, DJI ensures that their drones remain at the forefront of the market. Whether you’re a professional aerial photographer or an FPV enthusiast, investing in DJI drones means investing in quality and performance. 

By staying updated with the latest firmware updates and considering essential factors like flight performance and camera quality, you can truly maximize your drone flying experience. So, if you’re looking for the best FPV drones or seeking a reliable aerial companion, DJI Avata and Mavic 3 series are undoubtedly among the top contenders to consider.

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