Published February 19, 2024

Latest Tech: Japan’s New Cloud Storage Service Unveiled

"Rakuten's latest cloud service, Rakuten Drive, introduces an innovative solution for unlimited file transfers, providing users with a seamless and efficient way to manage and share their files."
Cutting-edge Tech: Japan's New Cloud Storage Service Unveiled

Rakuten Symphony Launches Latest Cloud Storage Service in Japan

Japanese tech giant Rakuten Symphony has officially rolled out its highly anticipated cloud storage service, Rakuten Drive, marking a significant milestone in the realm of digital storage solutions. The service, which offers a generous 10GB of free storage, is set to revolutionize the file transfer landscape with its unlimited file transfer capability.

Catering to both individual users and enterprises, Rakuten Drive boasts seamless and secure file storage and sharing on the cloud, enabling swift and secure transfer of large files. One of its key highlights is the integration of Microsoft 365 productivity apps, allowing real-time viewing and editing of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Originally known as Sendy and established in 2019, Rakuten Drive was assimilated into Rakuten Symphony in 2021 following the acquisition of its South Korean developer, Estmob. Since then, the service has witnessed substantial growth, gaining traction both in Japan and globally. However, it is now, with its full-scale commercial launch, that Rakuten Drive is poised to make a resounding impact on the market.

Rakuten Symphony’s CEO, Ryan Son, emphasized the service’s commitment to providing a secure and efficient platform for managing personal and business files and data. He noted, “From freelancers and small business owners to large companies, our promise is to continue to develop Rakuten Drive as a trusted and secure cloud service of choice.”

Moreover, the integration of Rakuten ID, a shared ID enabling access to multiple Rakuten services, paves the way for the 100 million Rakuten members in Japan to seamlessly utilize Rakuten Drive with their existing Rakuten login credentials.

Rakuten Symphony has underscored its dedication to stringent data storage and information security policies, with plans to further enhance its services and introduce additional features tailored for the B2B market, supporting freelancers, small businesses, and large enterprises. Additionally, a future integration with Rakuten Points, the company’s loyalty program, is on the horizon.

For users seeking expanded cloud storage and enhanced features, Rakuten Drive PRO is now available at a monthly price of $7.99. This premium version elevates the maximum file upload size per link to 50GB, offers customizable link expiration times of up to 30 days (in contrast to the free version’s 48 hours), and increases cloud storage to 1TB.

With the launch of Rakuten Drive, Rakuten Symphony has positioned itself at the forefront of cloud storage innovation, offering a comprehensive and secure solution that caters to the diverse needs of both individual and business users.

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