Published February 9, 2024

Be wary of a counterfeit version of LastPass circulating on the Apple App Store.

Stay vigilant! Beware of a deceptive version of LastPass posing as legitimate on the Apple App Store. Ensure your digital security by avoiding the fake LastPass app.
Be wary of a counterfeit version of LastPass circulating on the Apple App Store.
Credit: Lastpass

LastPass, a popular password manager, is facing a new challenge as a counterfeit version of its app has surfaced on the Apple App Store under the misleading name “LassPass Password Manager [sic.].” The fake app, developed by an imposter named Parvati Patel, mimics LastPass’s branding and user interface, raising concerns about potential security risks.

LastPass has promptly issued a warning, emphasizing that it is actively working to have the fraudulent application removed from the App Store. The legitimate developer of LastPass is “LogMeIn Inc.,” and users are urged to remain cautious while the company addresses this security threat.

This incident adds to a series of challenges faced by LastPass, notably a security breach in October 2022 that led to the unauthorized access of users’ password vaults. While the vaults remained encrypted, there were repercussions, including a crypto-stealing scam associated with stolen LastPass accounts. The current discovery of a fake app on the Apple App Store adds another layer of concern for LastPass users.

Fraudulent apps of this caliber are uncommon on Apple’s App Store due to its stringent controls; however, LastPass’s alert highlights the importance of remaining vigilant. LastPass has provided URLs for both the fake and legitimate versions on the App Store, enabling users to verify and download the correct application until the fake app is taken down. Users are reminded to exercise caution and prioritize security when downloading apps, even from trusted platforms like the Apple App Store.

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