Published February 26, 2024

VMware Unveils Advanced VeloCloud SASE, Streamlining Integration Across Edge Infrastructure

VMware takes a significant leap forward with the introduction of the advanced VeloCloud SASE, a groundbreaking solution poised to revolutionize networking across various edge infrastructures.
VMware Unveils Advanced VeloCloud SASE, Streamlining Integration Across Edge Infrastructure

At the pinnacle of Mobile World Congress 2024, VMware made a resounding statement with the launch of its latest networking marvel, the VMware VeloCloud SASE. This latest solution marks a significant milestone for the company as it reintroduces the esteemed VeloCloud brand into its portfolio, signaling a strategic move towards revolutionizing the edge infrastructure landscape.

The unveiling of VMware VeloCloud SASE represents a fusion of two powerhouse technologies:

VeloCloud SD-WAN and Symantec SSE, encapsulating the essence of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in a comprehensive, single-vendor offering. VMware’s acquisition of VeloCloud in 2017 laid the groundwork for this momentous occasion, and now, the synergy between these technologies emerges as a beacon of innovation in the networking sphere.

Abe Ankumah, Broadcom’s Head of SD-WAN, Software-Defined Edge Division, shed light on the significance of this launch during a pre-briefing session at MWC 2024. He emphasized the transformative potential of VMware VeloCloud SASE in empowering customers to modernize their infrastructure while unlocking new avenues for service monetization.

Ankumah articulated VMware’s strategic vision for the software-designed edge, focusing on the principles of right-sizing infrastructure, zero-touch orchestration, and network programmability to meet the evolving demands of distributed edge environments.

The decision to resurrect the VeloCloud brand underscores VMware’s commitment to honoring customer sentiment and industry recognition. Despite the rebranding efforts in previous years, the enduring association of VMware’s offerings with the VeloCloud legacy prompted the company to embrace its heritage and bring back the esteemed brand.

As Ankumah humorously remarked, “The customer is always right,” encapsulating VMware’s dedication to aligning with customer preferences and industry trends. Furthermore, Ankumah emphasized the expansive horizons that VMware VeloCloud SASE unlocks, enabling a myriad of new use cases and opportunities for innovation. With the full strength of VMware’s expertise in the software-defined edge realm, the VeloCloud SASE emerges as a cornerstone of agility, flexibility, and security in modern networking architectures.

As VMware embarks on this new chapter with the launch of VeloCloud SASE, the industry eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of this groundbreaking solution. With its seamless integration capabilities, robust security features, and unwavering commitment to customer-centric innovation, VMware VeloCloud SASE stands poised to redefine the paradigm of edge infrastructure in the digital era.

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