Published February 15, 2024

Enhance Your Computing Setup with the Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse

Transform your work environment with the Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse, a game-changer in computing accessories. Experience unparalleled comfort and precision, making every click a seamless and ergonomic delight.
Enhance Your Computing Setup with the Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse

In late 2021, I made a conscious decision to prioritize my physical well-being by investing in ergonomic peripherals for my home office. The Logitech MX Vertical mouse initially caught my attention, but its large size did not suit my petite hands. However, when Logitech announced the release of the Logitech Lift, I promptly made the switch and have never looked back since. Currently available for just AU$72 on Amazon in the black colorway, this represents a generous 45% discount off the listed price, with the added benefit of shipping to New Zealand at the discounted rate for those unable to source it locally.

While the price may not be the lowest it has dropped to, it still presents a compelling offer, particularly for those aiming to enhance their home office setup as part of their New Year resolutions. For those who prefer alternative color options, the rose pink and white variations are available for AU$79 each.

The Logitech Lift is a sleek and comfortable wireless mouse with adjustable sensitivity settings ranging from 400 to 4,000 DPI. While it may not cater to the needs of gamers, it is well-suited for everyday use in work or study environments. The mouse operates seamlessly via Bluetooth and can also be connected via 2.4GHz wireless, offering the convenience of setting it up to work with three different devices. At a 45% discount, this is undoubtedly an advantageous deal.

I personally own the white Logitech Lift, but the wear and tear from carrying it between my home and office has become evident. Consequently, I am considering the black colorway for long-term and everyday use. It’s reassuring to note that my positive experience with this mouse is not unique, as it received high praise in our Logitech Lift review. Our tester noted that it made extended computer use more manageable and less physically taxing, ultimately earning its place as our top pick for ergonomic mice.

The Logitech Lift is particularly well-suited for individuals with small to medium-sized hands, although it may also provide comfort for those with larger hands. The addition of a rubber grip on the rear prevents palm slippage, while the placement of buttons and the scroll wheel aligns naturally with the fingers, ensuring a comfortable and intuitive user experience. Furthermore, the mouse’s quiet clicks make it an unobtrusive choice for shared workspaces.

In terms of performance, the Logitech Lift excels, offering smooth gliding and accurate tracking for everyday tasks. While the Logitech Options app allows for some customization, it’s important to note that the mouse may not match the high-speed tracking resolution of gaming mice. Although our reviewer encountered sensor issues during testing, I have not experienced any such problems personally.

One drawback worth mentioning is the requirement for a single AA battery to power the Logitech Lift, unlike the rechargeable USB-C option available with the MX Vertical. While the battery life can extend up to 24 months depending on usage, the absence of a rechargeable feature is a notable difference.

Overall, the Logitech Lift has significantly improved my work environment, providing both comfort and functionality. If you’re in the market for an ergonomic mouse that prioritizes user comfort and performance, the Logitech Lift is certainly worth considering, especially at its discounted price point.

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