Published March 9, 2024

Google Mulls Game-Changer: Android Users May Soon Download Five Apps Simultaneously

Explore the latest development as Google considers bringing back Parallel Downloading for Android, enabling users to download multiple apps simultaneously. With potential for up to five simultaneous installs, this feature promises a convenient and time-saving upgrade for Android enthusiasts.
Google Mulls Game-Changer: Android Users May Soon Download Five Apps Simultaneously

In an exciting development for Android users, Google is reportedly revisiting the concept of Parallel Downloading, potentially allowing users to download up to five apps simultaneously. This feature, which initially surfaced four years ago but faded into obscurity, resurfaced in a recent Play Store update, signaling Google’s renewed interest in enhancing the user experience.

Assemble Debug, an industry expert, made the discovery after exploring the files of Google Play version 40.0.13. Screenshots on TheSpAndroid blog showcased the functionality, with Assemble Debug successfully downloading Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Acrobat concurrently. This process mirrors single-app installations, with download times varying based on the size of the app.

However, limitations persist. Parallel downloading is currently unavailable for updates, necessitating individual downloads for app patches. Additionally, Google has restricted simultaneous installations to two apps, although Assemble Debug managed to circumvent this limitation by deactivating an internal flag, enabling downloads of up to five apps at once.

While Google may adjust the maximum number of installs in the future, the current testing phase remains conservative. Enthusiasts eager to join the early test can activate parallel downloading on their devices by applying the latest Play Store patch and utilizing the GMS Flags app, albeit with the requirement of a rooted Android smartphone. Despite the complexity of the process, the prospect of installing apps in bulk presents a significant quality-of-life enhancement for users, particularly during device setup.

The official launch date for this feature remains uncertain. However, Google’s renewed experimentation with Parallel Downloads suggests a potential imminent release, offering new phone owners a time-saving solution for app installations. As users eagerly await further updates, the prospect of enhanced convenience looms on the horizon, marking a potential milestone in Android’s evolution.

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