Published March 1, 2024

Cautionary Alert: Hazardous Video Doorbell Available on Amazon – Key Points to Conside

Unveiling a safety concern: Despite its hazards, a video doorbell with questionable security measures remains available on Amazon. Discover essential details to make an informed decision before considering this product.
Cautionary Alert: Hazardous Video Doorbell Available on Amazon – Key Points to Conside

Consumer Reports Exposes Alarming Security Flaws in Amazon-Sold Video Doorbell

In a recent investigative report, Consumer Reports (CR) issues a stern warning about a potentially dangerous video doorbell available on Amazon under various brand names, including Fishbot, Gemee, Luckwolf, Rakeblue, and Tuck. CR’s research reveals that the doorbell, controlled by the Aiwit app owned by Chinese company Eken, can be easily commandeered by strangers, posing serious security risks.

Security Vulnerabilities Unveiled

CR’s investigation exposes severe security flaws in the doorbell’s design. A perpetrator can approach a target’s residence, initiate pairing mode by holding down the doorbell button, connect it to their phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, and gain complete control. Disturbingly, this unauthorized access allows strangers not only to view the doorbell’s live feed but also obtain the serial number and access still images, timestamped for precise tracking of residents’ movements.

Unencrypted Exposure

The security issues extend further as these doorbells expose home IP addresses and Wi-Fi network names without encryption. Serial numbers, lacking a visible FCC label, are illegally sold in the United States. Shockingly, despite these vulnerabilities, the Eken doorbell was awarded Amazon’s Choice badge, falsely promoting it as a high-quality product on the platform.

Silent Response from Amazon and Eken

CR notified multiple platforms about the faulty doorbell, with Walmart promptly removing it from their website. However, Amazon continues to sell the compromised device, raising concerns about user safety. Eken remains unresponsive to Consumer Reports’ inquiries, and Amazon’s silence adds to the urgency of addressing this security threat.

Consumer Reports strongly advises current owners to disconnect the Eken video doorbell from Wi-Fi and remove it from their doors immediately. The organization also calls on online retailers to take proactive measures in ensuring the quality and security of the products they sell. The potential risks associated with these doorbells demand swift action from both consumers and the platforms involved.

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