Published February 24, 2024

Apple Vision Pro Cracking Mystery: An In-Depth Look

Recent reports of Apple Vision Pro headsets exhibiting unexplained cracks have sparked concerns among users.
Apple Vision Pro Cracking Mystery: An In-Depth Look
Credit: Apple

Investing $3,500 or more in the Apple Vision Pro is a substantial commitment, and discovering cracks on the device without any apparent cause can be immensely frustrating. Recent reports on social media platforms, particularly the Vision Pro Subreddit, have highlighted a concerning trend – users finding cracks extending from the nose bridge of their expensive Apple headsets, despite not dropping, bumping, or damaging the device.

User Complaints and Shared Frustrations

Several users, including Reddit accounts dornbirn, ContributionFar8997, inphenite, and Wohinbistdu, have expressed their grievances about discovering identical cracks on their Vision Pro headsets. What’s particularly alarming is that these cracks seemingly appeared overnight while the headsets were not in use.

The uniformity of the reported cracks and the consistent appearance despite varied usage patterns suggest that this might be more than just an isolated incident. Users are taking to social media platforms to share their experiences, indicating that this could be a widespread manufacturing issue rather than a result of user mishandling.

Seeking Answers from Apple

In light of these reports, there is an urgent need for clarification from Apple regarding the cause of these apparent cracks. Many affected users have reached out to Apple, seeking answers and guidance on potential resolutions. The company has yet to provide an official explanation or guidance for Vision Pro customers concerned about their screens breaking.

Potential Causes of Cracking

While the exact cause of the cracks remains unknown, a pattern has emerged in the reports – many users discovered damage after leaving the Vision Pro charging with the front cover on. The hypothesis is that as the headset charges, it generates heat, and the cover impedes quick heat dissipation. This retained heat may cause expansion in the outer screen layers, leading to tension, particularly in the complex curved design of the nose bridge. The cracks, then, could be a result of this tension, explaining the consistent nature of the reported damage.

However, it’s essential to note that this is speculation, and an official explanation from Apple’s engineers is crucial to understanding the root cause.

What Should Vision Pro Owners Do?

Given the current uncertainty, Vision Pro owners are left wondering about the best course of action to prevent or address this issue. While no definitive measures can be outlined, based on available evidence, it’s advisable not to charge the headset with the cover on and to avoid leaving it charging for longer than necessary.

Monitoring for official guidance from Apple is key. If cracks do appear, users are encouraged to contact Apple support promptly. Some users have reported challenges with Apple Care support, but there are instances of successful replacements. For instance, Wohinbistdu shared an update on Reddit about obtaining a replacement unit after taking their Vision Pro to an Apple Store for investigation.

As the situation unfolds, it is hoped that Apple will soon offer a comprehensive explanation and solution to address the concerns of Vision Pro users, providing clarity and a path forward. Until then, vigilance and prompt communication with Apple support seem to be the best approach for affected users.

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